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Rosehip Wine

November 4, 2012


1 cup of fresh rose hips

1 cup  of sugar

1 tablespoonful of rose syrup

one tea bag

1 tsp powdered bakers yeast

1 screw top wine bottle

Rinse and drain the hips. Chop off the hairy end and any excessive stalk. Add a tea bag to a wine sized bottle then add the rosehips the rose syrup and the yeast. Fill almost to the top with boiling water and pour in the sugar using a jug and the rose syrup. Put the top to one side as you will need it later and support two straws in place in the mouth of the bottle with sellotape or electricians tape so the gas can escape. Move the bottle daily to agitate the contents and watch the fermentation (you can smell the gas leaving the straws!)

When you are sure fermentation has finished after 2/4 weeks  (the liquid should be almost clear) take out the rosehips and the teabag, top up the bottle with boiling water and another tablespoon of rose syrup and repeat with the straws.  When fermentation is complete (no more bubbles and a clearish liquid strain the remaining liquid through muslin and bottle – fill right to the top leaving an airlock of no more than a centimetre and close securely.  I like to add a layer of cling film under the closure if I am using recycled bottles for extra cleanliness and a secure fit. 

Tips Encase the bottle loosely in a poly bag &  place inside a box so that if fermentation has not finished and there is an explosion the mess and glass is contained.

If using recycled bottles ensure they are sterilised by adding a small amount of water to the bottom and then heating in a a microwave until it boils and forms steam or use Milton baby bottle sterilising fluid.

This is a basic recipe and will result in a palatable alcoholic drink. For more sophistication and a smoother taste refer to the many recipes on line that require a more complex process and more ingredients.

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