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Wild Walnuts infused with Coffee and Whisky

October 20, 2012

Wild Walnuts Infused with Coffee and Whisky









200g Walnuts

50g butter

100g brown sugar

1 cup good quality Apple juice

½ pint Coffee (I use Paddy & Scott’s) and Adnams Broadside Liquer



Soak the walnuts overnight in apple juice (just enough to cover the walnuts). This will help to leave a sweet flavour. Drain.

Put 50g of butter in a heavy bottomed sauce pan and melt gently, then add 100g of brown sugar and cook until caramelising. Add the walnuts and move them briskly around the pan to coat thoroughly.  Make up ½ pint of coffee in a  cafetiere and add some Adnams Broadside liquer to taste.  Add to the pan and cook for 5 minutes  and then bottle in a kilner jar.

Keep in the fridge for up to a month.

To serve the walnuts individually take out, drain, dry and dust with sugar.  Otherwise use the walnuts and the liquid over a plain sponge, over ice cream.




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