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Forager’s Mushroom and Beer Pate

October 16, 2012


3 cups of roughly chopped mushrooms

½ cup Adnams Gunhill Beer

1 cup of onions (fried in butter until slightly caramalised)

1/4 cup of coriander or herbs of choice

Tablespoonful of capers

Cream cheese

Beetroot slices (pink are my favourite from Home Farm Nacton)


Lay the beetroot slices in a dish, spray with a generous amount of water, put a plate over the top and cook for a couple of minutes (adjust as required) just until they lose the fibrous texture but are not soft.

Fry the onions and set aside.

Put the chopped mushrooms in a microwave proof bowl and add 3 tablespoons of beer.

Put a plate over the top and microwave and cook the mushrooms.

Drain off the excess liquid.

Add the onions to the bowl and half the herbs and half the capers.

Blend with a hand blender to a rough texture (not smooth).

An hour before serving (do not do it too far in advance otherwise the pate takes on a “dull dirty” appearance use a spoon to fold in the cream cheese and the rest of the herbs and capers (reserve a small amount for decoration).

To serve – lay a beetroot slice on each plate and season with sea salt (if you prefer more flavour spray them with a little balsamic). Add mushroom pate on top and finish with a few capers and herbs. Use balsamic glaze in strokes on the plate.

Serve with artisan bread (I always serve the Suffolk trencher) from the Woodbridge cake shop.


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